2022 Competitions:

October 23rd -Milford Competition 

October 30th - Urbana Competition

November 6th - Miamisburg Competition

November 20th - Fairmont Competition

December 2nd - Perform for Eversole Staff

December 3rd - Perform for Eversole & Jerome Parents

December 4th - State Competition at Big Walnut High School

January 15th - Jerome Competition ?

---2021 CHEER WORDS---

Eagle Fans Get On Your Feet

Yell The Letters That You See


Fans, Now Yell Our Colors, Repeat All Three

Gold, Green, White, Gold Green, White

Put It All Together Now

EMS, Gold Green White

EAGLES Soar Eagles Soar

EAGLES Soar Eagles Soar

© 2021 Eversole Run Cheer